How the protection works

How It Works

  • You print the secure encrypted codes on items or you obtain the secure encrypted codes and affix on items. These codes are distinctive (red in color) for easy identification on a product or document.
  • We help you inform your potential customers about the codes on the items.
  • When a person needs to verify the item or buy your product or accept your document, he/she first looks for the red code. If the red code is not available, then it's a fake or counterfeit. If the red code is available, then he/she uses the free iVerify Mobile ID app to scan the code. If the scanning was unsuccessful, then it's a fake or counterfeit, otherwise, it's an original. The Mobile App also displays relevant information.
  • Anyone can easily verify the originality or authenticity of any of your items - IDs, documents or products.
  • Your items are protected from faking or counterfeiting because the secure codes that you affix or print on your items cannot be compromised - no one else can generate them, only you can; and only iVerify Mobile ID app can decode them! If anyone tried to scan the codes with any other program, they will get error messages or garbled data.
  • To start the process of protecting your product using this system, you need to apply and obtain your unique License Key for your company.