No More Fakes! No More Counterfeits!

  • Do you have a company or organization that you need to protect the employees' or members' IDs?
  • Do you have a product that you produce or sell or a service that you provide which other people are faking or counterfeiting?
  • Do you have an idea for a new product but you are afraid of other people undermining your business with fakes or counterfeits?
  • Do you produce or issue documents that other people are faking?

iVerify is the answer

  • Tag your products, IDs or documents with secure encrypted codes.
  • Then anyone, at anytime or anywhere, can easily verify the originality or authenticity of your product, ID or document with a free mobile application.

How the Protection Works

  • You print the secure encrypted codes on your product packages or you obtain the secure encrypted codes and affix on your products or documents. These codes are distinctive (red in color) for easy identification on a product or document.
  • We help you inform your potential customers about the codes on your products or documents.
  • When a person needs to verify an ID or  buy your product or accept your document, he/she first looks for the red code. If the red code is not available, then it's a fake or counterfeit. If the red code is available, then he/she uses the free Mobile App (iVerify Mobile ID) to scan the code. If the scanning was unsuccessful, then it's a fake or counterfeit, otherwise, it's valid or authentic. The Mobile App then displays the associated information.

How the Verification Works

If you're a consumer and you need to verify the
originality or authenticty of a product, ID or document that
is protected by this system, then do the following:

  • If you haven't installed the iVerify Mobile ID App on your smartphone, then use any of the following options to download and install it on your smartphone - it's a free Mobile App.
  • Look for the red code (like any of the codes on the left-side of this page). If you don't find the red code then the item is a fake or counterfeit.
  • If you found the red code, then use the iVerify Mobile ID App on your phone to scan the code. If the App displays an error message, then the item is a fake or counterfeit. If the scanning was successful, the App displays relevant information about the ID, product, or document.

How does iVerify protect your ID, product or document against faking or counterfeiting

  • You control the creation or generation of the secure codes that you affix or imprint on the ID, product or document. No one else can generate or create those codes with the information in them.
  • Your potential customers or clients will know that your product is protected so they will look for and verify the code.
  • So, if anyone is thinking about faking or counterfeiting your product, they know that they will definitely be found easily.

Generate and view a Sample of iVerify Codes


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